A Time to Heal

For over a year, it seemed like sickness and anger were all around us. Now, it's time to heal.

Girls say that Girl Scouts gives them the accepting, safe space they need to get through challenging times. We see those girls then Take Action in their communities and give back to others. We need you to Take Action with us so that, together, we can bring healing to girls' hearts, minds, and communities.  

Your contributions to this campaign will enable our council to continue providing our girls the resources they need to navigate and rise above the challenges facing them right now, including mental health support and a path toward peace. Funds raised will also help keep our programming adaptable to girls' and volunteers' needs. Finally, Girl Scouts - North Carolina Coastal Pines is proud to offer financial assistance to ensure every girl can receive the benefits of Girl Scouting. Your donations to this campaign will ensure that finances are not a barrier for any girl who wants to be a Girl Scout.


Thanks to the people going above & beyond for our Girl Scouts (you could be one, too)!

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